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75cm LED Arch Support - Medium

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75cm LED Arch Support - Medium

Lighting at our hobby or workspace can often be problematic for most of us. Many of us require bright lights for working on small details, from painting a scale model or repairing watches or phones.

Our Arch Support solves this issue by casting a 180° Arch of light directly over the top of your workspace, helping to eliminate shadows and promotes an evenly distributed light pattern.

Our Arch Support comes in 3 different sizes to suit most workspaces ranging from our 50cm Wide LED Arch Support that is perfect for a small scale model nook through our 100cm LED Arch Support for large workbenches.

Our unique design with Slide Fit jointing system and numbered arch segments is a breeze to assemble. Slide all the segments together, apply the double-sided LED Strip Support and connect to your power outlet!

What is the Arch Support made from?

The Arch Support is 3D Printed to a very high standard finish using PLA plastic and a wide range of colour choices. PLA is a biodegradable thermoplastic that is tough and has similar properties to polypropylene(PP) and Polyethylene(PE). It is also a very lightweight material, making it ideal for keeping the weight & shipping costs to a minimum. 

What is included in the box?

The LED Arch Support includes the following:

  • 8 x Arch Segments
  • 2 x Straight Segments
  • 2 x Base Segments
  • 8 x Rubber Feet (pre-installed to the base segments)

This simple LED Arch Support measures 75cm in width and 50cm in height so it is perfect for smaller workbenches.

Do you supply the LED Strip Lights?

At present we do not supply the LED Strip Lights.  There is a number of reasons for this which we will outline below:

  1. Outlets – Been a UK Business, we can ONLY get UK outlets and adapters. We have tried to track down AU, EU & USA outlets but have been unable to find any companies willing to supply them.
  2. Choice – We wish to give you an option in how you set up your lighting, it’s possible you already have LED Strip Lights that you want to use, or maybe you would like RGBA Lighting for different moods and purposes.
  3. Cost – If we supply the LED Strip Lights, our prices will increase to cover this cost; it affects the product weight and affects shipping costs (making the package heavier to ship).
  4. Customs – Sending electrical equipment via customs to various countries is prohibited. This can lead to you not receiving your parcel as customs can destroy the package or remove the LED Strip Light from the box.

We hope you understand the reason for our choices.

Where can I get LED Strip Lights?

We have included an Amazon link below to the LED Strip Lights we recommend, these also include a Dimmer switch so you can turn down the brightness of the LED Strip Lights.

Amazon Link


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