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Mr Hobby Triple Holder

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The Mr Hobby Triple Holder is ideal for any Scale Modeller who has knocked over a bottle of  Mr Hobby Cement, Mark Setter, Mark Softener or Paint Remover. Gone are the days of having a spill all over your cutting mat, or worse yet your work in progress model!

What makes our Holders different?

The elegant design of my holders keeps your bottles held firm and secure making them very difficult to topple. As a scale modeller myself I am no stranger to the struggle of knocking products over, I had tried other products available on the market but always found them a loose fit and did not stop the product from topping over. This had me thinking “There has to be a better solution!”, so I set upon a personal mission to solve this issue once and for all.

What are our holders made from?

I'm very glad you ask! This Holder is fully 3D printed in PLA to a very high quality.  PLA is a great and tough material providing you don't go and clobber it with a hammer (this is not covered by our refund policy).  It's very durable and should last many years keeping your products safe on your hobby desk.

Vibrant Range of Colours

All our holders come in an exciting range of colours to suit your tastes, from White through to Limited Editions such as Marble, Wood or even Rainbow there is sure to be something to suit your needs. We only work with the most colourful filaments, so you can be sure of deep rich colour. 

Delivery Times

Each product is printed to order as soon as it is received, I aim to print, package, ship & delivery your purchase in 2-4 days, You will receive an email notification each step of your order process.


Notice: Due to the nature of 3D printing the finished product may have some defects in the finished surface, I personally quality check each and every item I produce to make sure it reaches you in the best possible condition.  If your item arrives damaged please do not hesitate to get in contact with me ASAP so I can investigate the situation and talk to the shipping company in order to resolve any problems.

* Mr Hobby products not included.


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